Sunday, 22 July 2012

Premium Beautiful Corset

PLUS SIZE WOMAN..Please Read This!!

are you PLUS SIZE woman???

Having difficulties to find your attire?? new shirt?? new pants??

Period Pain??

Difficulty to conceive baby??

Irregular period??


back pain?? slipped disc??

hard to get your BRA size??? yess it happens!

Gastric?? Migraine??

Fibroid / cyst ??


OMG!!! Those problems above really turns you down right??

wanna be like her?? YES YOU CAN!!
 Premium Beautiful Corset
How does it works??
*The magical power of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)*
Far Infrared light is an invisible light.We can get the benefits of FIR from the morning and evening sun, and from wearing Premium Beautiful corset.
It presents itself in the form of gentle, radiant heat energy, which can penetrate up to 3.5 inches beneath the skin.

HOW FIR works with PB
When this energy come into contact with our body, it can
*increases your metabolism*
*burns your excess fats and extra calories*
*shapes yourself into an attractive body curve*
*eliminates your fatigue rapidly*
*regulates your autonomic nervous system better and improves your blood circulation*
How F.I.R. Benefits u

bersihkan darah...???!!!
- firm and tone up our skin
- softening blood vessel hence prevent from heart attack
- improve high blood pressure
- prevent cancer

how FIR works to prevent cancer..??
- it breaks down our fat, blood clot and milk clot into small molecule
- fabric akwatek & akwadyne sucks out all fats,milk, toxic and sweat
- reduce size of fibroid or cyst
- FIR produced temperature which is not suitable for cancer cells to spread (wowwww)
 how FIR helps us to loose weight...??
- improves blood circulation and breaks down our FAT
- firms and tones up our sagged skin by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset 8 hours a day consistently...
-increase metabolisme more constipation!hari2 konfem buang
reducing back pain and slipped disc...??
 - our Premium Beautiful certified by AMERICAN,CANADIAN AND QUEBEC Chiropractic Association
- PB consist of 7 memory wires that helps to support your back bone

How FIR helps in woman fertility...???
- improves blood circulation in uterus
- uphold uterus position
- balancing hormone in our body
- regulate our period cycle
- reduce period pain

Price :
RM 2,400 (s,m) - RM2,600 (L - 5XL)
*special discount for cash buyer

Payment Method:
1. Credit Card
2. Credit Card 0% installment
3. RHB Easy Installment starting from RM106 - RM 189 per month
4. Cash
5. Cash Installment

It's your body...your precious ASSET....
LOVE yourself...TREAT yourself ...
with Premium Beautiful Corset

Call/sms me for consultation and free fitting!!!
013 5162540

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